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What's so great about bison tallow anyway?

by Chantelle Berg |

So why is bison tallow so awesome for the skin?

As a moisturizer, bison tallow is unique in that it closely resembles the oils and fats that our own skin produces. This means that anything your skin is lacking, it will take from the tallow as you begin to use it. Think of it as ‘feeding your skin’. Tallow provides the building blocks for your skin to become it’s best, while providing a protective barrier to keep the bad stuff out. Healthy, fed skin is hydrated, plump, and smooth. Luckily, because tallow so closely resembles our own skin’s sebum, the chances of your skin reacting negatively or experiencing irritation are extremely low.

When our skin is asking for nourishment, it has a sort of wish list:

  • Skin wants an optimal ratio of 1:1 omega 3’s and omega 6’s fatty acids.
  • Skin wants a healthy dose of vitamins A, D, E and K

Guess what ingredient brings all these factors to the table?

Yes. Bison Tallow!

These omegas and vitamins are not found together in many instances in nature. But they are found together in animal products, particularly bison tallow, they are fat soluble and ready to be absorbed into your skin.

Historically, our ancestors and aboriginal predecessors knew that tallow was a valuable skin care resource. In our effort to use the whole buffalo, we aim to bring this practice of tallow-based skin food back to the mainstream, so all skin types can try it. Let’s feed our skin the way that nature intended, while at the same time honoring the majestic bison by making use of every beautiful resource this amazing creature has to offer.

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