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Why Bison Tallow?

by Chantelle Berg |

We often have customers ask us why we choose to use bison tallow as the base for our products.

The answer is simple.

Because it is the best possible moisturizer for human skin.

A long time ago, the first nations people of Canada relied on bison tallow to care for their skin in this country’s harsh environment. Similar to the application of bear grease to one’s skin and hair, using bison tallow for skin care is nothing new. It’s an age-old solution to a common problem that most people face at some point and time.

For some reason, most of us have learned to rely on the commercially produced, petroleum-based moisturizers that coat our skin in questionable substances. What we should be doing is feeding and nourishing our skin with real ingredients.

This is why we often refer to our products as ‘skin food’. Many of our moisturizers are actually made with edible ingredients (Although we don’t really recommend eating them). Tallow happens to be very similar to the oils our own skin produces, so when you moisturize your skin with tallow you are feeding it exactly what it’s craving.

Each recipe that we offer has been carefully and lovingly crafted with a purpose in mind. For example, our Wise Woman face cream is a blend of bison tallow whipped with rosehip oil and essential oils of frankincense and lavender. This blend was created with the intention of moisturizing mature or oily skin types. Read more about the purposes that each product serves in the product descriptions on our site.

  • Chantelle

On a side note, I find the idea of using bear grease on the skin fascinating, although I hear it’s hard to find. Have you ever used it? Would you? Tell me about it in the comments!


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